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Hold on to your love handles...

Full Cream is an award-winning new play about fat pride, kinship, and liberation. We're taking the show to Bendigo Pride Festival for one night only on 15 March.

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about the show

Full Cream

This is a story of two fat queer housemates and the fat joy they found in friendship. It’s a story of chubby chasers and Adele, of jiggling bellies and butter churning, of hookups in UFOs and cock-sucking in Sunbury. It’s a story about what happens when fat people are happy and not the elephant in the room.

Blending verbatim text, devised theatre, and a mukbang, Full Cream imagines a stage where fat people belong. It’s a little slice of utopia served with a side of clotted cream. You’re invited to join the fun, the fiesta, and the feed, and live out your big fat fantasy.

Hold onto your love handles: This is a show for all those who keep track of who’s the fattest in the room, and for all those who are the fattest in the room.

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Isn't this glorifying obesity?

What's fat kinship?

Brilliant question.

It's kind of like... friendship between fat people.

More than that though, it's probably friendship between fat people, centred around fatness. It's when we (fatties) make friends with fatties because of our shared experiences. Fat kinship makes a space for us to heal the trauma that growing up fat in a fat-phobic world causes. It's been brilliant for us, and we want to bring more of it into the world. Enter Full Cream.

If you want to learn more, we'd recommend you read Fat kinship for love and liberation: a dialogue across difference written by Caleb Luna & Jules Pashall. Em cried the first time she read it. It's great.

Who made the show?

Some fatties from Melbourne's south east. Get to know us.

All of our photography is by Jaimi Houston.

Why here? Why now?

Fatness isn’t something talked about enough in the arts when we talk about representation. Institutionally there’s still so much work to be done to get fat people on stage.

We want to combat dominant narratives surrounding fatness (think The Whale, Biggest Loser, every celebrity weight loss story ever) and celebrate our lives as joyful as we are.

Oftentimes when we do see fatness represented, it'ss presented in a very apolitical sort of watered down body-positivity energy. That puts the onus on an individual to celebrate their body. Instead, Full Cream is an invitation to examine the systems of oppression that hold down fat bodies.

Thanks to...

Yvonne Virsik, Callum Dale, Chelsea Jones, Sarah Matthews, Lucas Rindt, Yubil Das, Georgia Kate Bell, Emma Batty, Simran Pasricha, Russ Graffam O'Meara, Paris Balla, Tash Frost, Olivia Fisher, Kimberley Potts, Jaimi Houston, Lachie McCormack, Tiernan Maclaren, Emma Telford, Patrick Edwards, Meg Heathcote, Amanda Dhammanarachchi, Jemma Law, Moz Forshaw, Stacy Holman Jones, Jett Bond, Chris Cody, The Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music & Performance, Victorian College of the Arts, Monash Student Association, Monash Performing Arts Centres

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We would love to bring Full Cream to your venue in the future. Reach out to us for a chat about fattening your corner of the world.