Meet the team behind Full Cream

Full Cream began in the midst of Narrm's 6th lockdown when Em & Ryan started having frank conversations about what it's like being fat. From those discussions, the idea of telling stories about fat kinship on stage began to take shape. 

Full Cream is Em Keagan, Ryan Hamilton, Georgie Wolfe, & Jonathan Graffam-O'Meara. We're a theatre company, but we also make cool apparel for fat people (and yes, skinny people too). 

Em Keagan

Em Keagan is a Melbourne/Naarm based, multidisciplinary artist, performer, director.

Her art practice explores a broad range of artistic mediums including theatre, video, papier-mâché sculpture and installation, informed by her studies in Fine Art, Theatre and Music at Monash University.

Em is also a passionate performing arts educator, who values inspiring and investing in the future of theatre.

  • Into the Woods (MUST)

    In 2022, Em directed Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine at Monash Uni Student Theatre.

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  • record: 2209 (Melbourne Fringe)

    In 2020, Em co-created record: 2209 with her housemates as a message to aliens about suburban life in lockdown.

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  • conversation (MADA)

    In 2020 Em was the recipient of Monash Art, Design, & Architecture's Liquid Architecture for her work exploring the performance of self.

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Ryan Hamilton

Ryan was born on Gadigal country, raised on Coast Salish and Yugambeh country, and now lives and works on Boon Wurrung and Woi Wurrung country.

He is a theatre-maker and producer interested in queer, site-specific, & documentary theatre which makes the world a little better, queerer, and fatter.

He is currently finishing a bachelor of Business and Arts at Monash University. 

  • Owl & the Albatross (Theatre Works)

    In 2022, Ryan produced Owl & the Albatross by Paris Balla which premiered in his bedroom in 2019. It was a story about a queer kid in a climate catastrophe and was filled with puppets, hope, and a lot of love.

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  • We, the Ocean (MUST)

    In 2021, Ryan created We, the Ocean which was an immersive picnic with the Ocean. Featuring live, improvised accompaniment, this tea-party-turned-dance invited audiences to explore our relationship with the sea.

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  • Asynchrony (Sequence Break)

    In 2021, Ryan designed and built the set for a work entirely performed in the video game Minecraft. Asynchrony toured to Edinburgh and Adelaide fringe and explored how we document history in digital mediums,

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Georgie Wolfe

Georgie is a Narrm-based lighting designer and environmental scientist interested in reimagining the role that technical design plays in the creation of new work.

Alongside her practice as a lighting designer, she is a freelance director, technician, sound, and set designer.

Her passions include marine biology and the future of Jellyfish on planet earth.

  • Wood Wide Web (Barking Spider)

    In 2021, Georgie designed the lighting for Wood Wide Web, an installation at ArtPlay exploring how trees communicate.

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  • Treats (FEVER103)

    In 2021, Georgie designed the lighting for Treats, performed at the Lawler.

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  • Q (La Mama)

    In 2019, Georgie designed the lighting for Q by Aleks Corke performed at La Mama Courthouse.

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Jonathan Graffam-O'Meara

Jono is a Tutor in Theatre at the Victorian College of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne.

He is an actor, writer and dramaturg with over 20 years of professional experience in the industry.

Jono is completing a PhD in Theatre at Monash University with a project titled “Fat Dramaturgies: Queer strategies and methodologies in staging fat performance”, where he looks at examples of radical body size politics (embodied fatness) onstage.

He specialises in the field of contemporary dramaturgy and popular performance.